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        Founded in 2006, Haining Xingyun Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high frequency transformer, inductor coil and other relative electronic components, our main products are:

        1.High frequency transformers

        EE series,EF series,EFL series,EPC series,EFD series,ER series,EC series,PQ series,RM series and EDR series.?

        2.Inductor coil

        EE series,EPC series,EFD series,PQ series,DR series,UU/UF series?

        Our products are widely used in Power adaptor , ?Surveillance System, Monitor, Television, Broadcast equipment, Navigation apparatus and Measuring appliance etc. ?

        Being professional is the foundation of the high-speed growth of Xingyun, since established we have devoted our efforts to offer high quality products, to fulfill the demands of the ever-growing market.?

        OEM/ODM orders are also welcomed, I am sure our products and service will bring tremendous value to both your customers and your business as well. ?

        Our company is located in Haining Zhejiang, where is around 150KM from Shanghai or 40KM from Hangzhou, we hope if there is a chance for you to visit us to inspect our facilities.

        ADD:No. 8, Sangzinan road, Zhouwangmiao,Haining, Zhejiang,ChinaTEL:0573-87602168 FAX:0573-87533114

        copyright:?Haining Xingyun Electronics Co.,Ltd ?浙ICP備09072879號-1