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        EFL16 horizental type(multislot)

        EFL16 horizental type(multislot)

        Model: EFL16 Horizental type(Multislot)
        Place of origin: Haining, China


        1. High efficiency with low temperature rise

        2. Various material available: 2K, PC30, PC40, PC45, 5K, 7K, 10K ,Mn-Zn or Ni-Zn

        3. Operating temperture range: -30°C~80°C

        4. Custom design acceptable

        5. RoHS compliant


        1. Power adaptor?? 2. PC power source?? 3. Inverter/converter?? 4. Charger

        5. Rectifier??????? 6. Navigation apparatus??? 7.Measuring appliance etc.

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